These Causes and Ways to Eliminate Skin Tags Safely

Skin tags are flesh growing on the surface of the skin which is small and resembles warts. Generally skin tags are harmless and do not hurt, but should be removed if it is annoying. For example, if you have lowered your confidence, or worried about getting stuck in clothing and jewelry. Even though it's small, don't just try to remove the skin tag yourself, because it can cause new problems. Better, first identify the cause of skin tags, and safe ways to eliminate them. What Causes Skin Tags? Skin tag sizes vary, ranging from a few millimeters to about 5 centimeters. Skin tags are commonly found around the armpits, chest, calves, groin, neck, eyelids, or around the buttocks. Skin tags are formed from blood vessels and collagen in the outer layer of the skin. However, until now the exact cause of skin tags is still unclear. Most likely this condition occurs because of friction on the surface of the skin, both between the skin with clothing, jewelry, or other objects. Ski
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